The National Naval Aviation Museum relies on the generosity and support of corporate and individual donors. Your donations will help the Museum achieve its mission to educate the public, inspire students and commemorate those who have contributed to Naval Aviation history.

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General Contributions

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    1. Monetary donations can be made in any amount and designated to specific projects if desired.
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    1. Many companies have programs to match employee charitable donations, often doubling your contribution.
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    1. For artifact donations to the museum’s collection, please email Dina Linn at dina.g.linn.civ@us.navy.mil


By becoming a member of the Naval Aviation Museum Foundation, you become a valuable stakeholder in the Museum’s future. Your loyalty and support is the lifeblood of the Foundation in support of the National Naval Aviation Museum.


Major Gifts

  1. Named Giving
    1. With the Named Giving program, you can sponsor aircraft, exhibits and more at the Museum.
  2. Corporate Alliance
    1. The Corporate Alliance is a cornerstone of our ability to support and enhance the National Naval Aviation Museum. Corporate donors provide critical funding and services for Museum programs and expansion; development of the National Flight Academy; and Foundation events and educational projects. All corporate donors become members of the Foundation’s Corporate Alliance, receiving recognition at sponsored events and in the Museum, as well as in our publications which have international distribution.

Planned Giving

Plan for the future and make an impact. Benefactors like you have helped the Naval Aviation Museum Foundation preserve and protect the future of Naval Aviation. You can make a lasting impact and help inspire the next generation with a range of planned giving options.

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Legacy Wall

The Naval Aviation Museum Foundation’s Legacy Wall will recognize all active duty or retired service members, living or deceased. The Legacy Wall is a way for families, squadrons, or associations to recognize and show appreciation for veterans and their sacrifices. Legacy Wall plaques are now available for purchase.

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National Flight Academy

  1. General Donation
    1. Show your support by making a general donation to the program or contributing to our latest capital campaign.
  2. Sponsorships
    1. Contribute to our sponsorships fund and help send a student to the National Flight Academy.
  3. Sponsored Weeks
    1. Join the ranks of major partners like Delta Air Lines and FedEx Corporation in sponsoring an entire week at the National Flight Academy. Support from donors and sponsors help cultivate the facility we have today and enable us to bring hundreds of students in on scholarship funds, students that may otherwise have missed out on such an incredible opportunity.

Return With Honor, Vietnam POW Exhibit

“We had a code. It was Return with Honor. It was our dignity, our reputation, our character that brought us through.”
–Vietnam POW, Commander Everett Alvarez

Experience the profound journey of the Return with Honor Exhibit as it combines the captivating power of storytelling with the remarkable advancements of Artificial Intelligence (AI). This exhibit grants visitors a deep understanding of the harrowing ordeals faced by pilots who were captured, the unimaginable treatment endured as prisoners of war (POWs) in the infamous Hanoi Hilton, and the heart-wrenching struggles their families faced during their absence. Prepare to be moved as you hear the jubilation that greeted the POWs upon their return and witness Everett Alvarez recount the experience in his own words.

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Project Orion

The goal of Project Orion is to create an outdoor display of the last active duty P-3C Orion at the National Naval Aviation Museum in Pensacola, FL as a memorial to the US Navy’s Maritime Patrol Community and the world’s premier maritime patrol aircraft.

For over 60 years, the P-3 and it’s variants served in conflicts all over the world and was flown by 21 operators in 17 countries. The P-3 proved to be an incredibly versatile, multi-mission aircraft and was usually first on station and last to leave in any crisis. Today, of the 650 P-3’s that were built, twenty eight are still actively flying but that number gets smaller each year.  Only nine are available for visits by the public.

The aircraft to be used for this display is BuNo 162776. She flew for over thirty five years in twelve different squadrons including east and west coast locations. She completed her last deployment with VP-40 in 2019 and then transferred to the National Naval Aviation Museum where she now sits in the “Bone Yard” section of the museum.

To achieve our goal of creating a world class, museum quality display, we are launching a capital campaign to raise $500,000 by January 1st, 2026. These funds will be used to restore, preserve and relocate -776 and construct an appropriate platform to showcase the aircraft. It will also provide a place for official functions such as re-enlistments, change of commands, memorial services or simply a place to rest for museum visitors.

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When you include the National Naval Aviation Museum Foundation in your estate plan, your generosity supports one-of-a-kind experiences at the National Naval Aviation Museum. Thank you for ensuring that the Museum can impact those we serve well into the future.