Blue Angels License Plate


Ways to Purchase

Option 1. Purchase your voucher online. This online service is available to all Florida residents residing in any county! If purchased through the Escambia County Tax Collector portal, Floridians will receive a receipt for payment by email. Shortly thereafter, they will receive a second email from the Escambia County Tax Collector’s office to secure additional details about their purchase and the intended recipient.

Option 2. Visit Your Local Tax Collector’s Office or Tag Agency

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Thank you for helping us reach 3,000 presold vouchers!

The Blue Angels License Plate is now a reality for the state of Florida!

Vouchers can be purchased online from the Escambia County Tax Collector's website.

Blue Angels License Plate Reaches 3,000 Milestone Needed to Put Plate Into Production

The Florida Department of Highway Safety and Motor Vehicles should place the plate into production sometime after the first of the year. The production process will happen over the coming months and then the plates will be distributed to the various county tax collector offices throughout the state.

If you purchased a voucher for the Blue Angel plate, your voucher is being held electronically in the Florida Department of Highway Safety and Motor Vehicles database under your name and driver license number. If you purchased the voucher for someone else, the voucher is being held under the recipient’s name and driver license number.

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What You Need To Know

How much does the Blue Angels license plate cost?
Once you have switched to your specialty plate, your additional costs for your annual renewal will be the user fee ($25) for the charitable contribution, plus the $5 specialty license plate processing fee.

Where can I purchase the license plate voucher?
Vouchers can only be purchased online (available to all Florida counties) in person at your tax collector or DMV office. Many offices are taking customers via appointment only, so please check with the offices in your county for the rules. Here is link to all of the county offices:

Will I be able to select my plate numbers as with other specialty plates?
Each Blue Angels plate will come with a new generic state-assigned number. The Blue Angel specialty plate can be personalized with up to five letters. If you currently have a personalized plate (five letters or less), you may continue to use the same personalization.

Can I customize my Blue Angels license plate?
Yes, you may have up to 5 characters with no additional space or hyphen.

Will I have to retain my current plate number or can I choose at a later time prior to plate production?
While you will not be able to order a personalized Blue Angel specialty plate until they go into production, you can reserve your specific configuration on a different plate now and swap it to a Blue Angel plate once they are available. Keep in mind there are extra fees for personalization of Florida plates. You can check for personal plate availability at; go to our A Z search button and look for Personalized Plate.

Is this offered with a handicap option, as my current plate has the handicap symbol on it?
Specialty plates are not offered with the handicapped symbol since Florida has a special designated handicapped plate. Now, if you would still like to get the Blue Angels plate, you can always use the Handicapped placard, which does the same thing as the plate.

Can I transfer my current custom plate configuration to a Blue Angels plate?
To Yes, you will be able to maintain your current custom configuration on Blue Angels plate, for an additional DMV charge.

I do not live in or have a registered vehicle in the state of Florida. Can I purchase a souvenir plate?
Blue Angels license plates are only available with passenger vehicles registered in the State of Florida. Souvenir or sample plates are not available.
Can I purchase Blue Angels license plates for my business?
Yes, business and fleet purchases are available. Contact your local Tax Collector’s Office for additional fleet discount information.
What happens after I purchase the Blue Angels license plate voucher?
After 3,000 vouchers have been sold, production of the plates will begin. When you are ready to renew your registration, you will need to come into a tax collector office and redeem the voucher (it is held in the system electronically). If you want to swap your plate before your registration is due, you can do so once the plates are available in the tax collectors’ offices. Additional fees will be required based on your renewal or replacement.

Who benefits from the Blue Angels license plate?
Funds raised through the sale of this new specialty license plate will help the Naval Aviation Museum Foundation a 501(c)(3) non-profit. The Naval Aviation Museum Foundation provides resources to support the National Naval Aviation Museum’s operations, expansion and activities. The Foundation works diligently to raise funding through gifts and memberships. They are dedicated to sustaining Museum activity and advancing STEM education for students through immersive learning programs including the National Flight Academy, a cutting edge, aviation-themed learning adventure.

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