Thanks to fundraising and our endlessly supportive donors, National Flight Academy sponsorships have sparked academic and personal improvement in multitudes of young lives. The NFA has offered sponsorships to cover tuition for many students: “The type of opportunity it was to come here on a full [sponsorship], to learn all about aviation and . . . stay here for the entire week, that’s a once-in-a-lifetime chance.” With newly discovered, rekindled, or deepened interest in STEM, we hope to see these students excel in mathematics and the sciences.

Not only do many organizations sponsor AXPs, but any individual can help us to achieve our goals of educating the American youth in STEM by donating to NFA or sponsoring students to attend NFA’s Deployments. Send your children and grandchildren, or even if you don’t personally know any children interested in attending, you can donate a sponsorship for one of our many applicants!

Contact us at info@nationalflightacademy.com to learn how you can provide a sponsorship for one of these young students.