Squadron Flight Log Entry

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Comission Place: NAS Wildwood, New Jersey


VB-86 was commissioned on June 15, 1944 at Wildwood, New Jersey and then moved to Otis Field, Camp Edwards, Massachusetts where together with VF, VBF and VT, Carrier Air Group 86 was formed. On December 1, 1944 VB-86 traveled by train to San Diego to board the USS Munda Bay for transportation to Hawaii. After more training at Naska, Maui, they boarded the USS Independence bound for Ulithi. There they became a part of Fast Carrier Task Force 58 aboard the carrier WASP and made strikes against the Japanese homeland. The WASP was hit by a Kamikaze on March 19, 1945 and was so extensively damaged that she was sent back to Seattle to be repaired. The squadron got new planes at this time, and on July 11, 1945 was on its way back to the forward area and again joined the Fast Carrier Task Force for further operations against the Japanese. Bombing 86 made a strike against Kure and during the dive bombing pull out were within sight of Hiroshima the day before the atomic bomb was dropped. Because of damage to the bow during a hurricane as the war ended, the WASP was relieved of duty and sent home with Air Group 86 aboard through the Panama Canal to Boston, Massachusetts where Bombing 86 was decommissioned. It is almost impossible to believe that this many men could travel that many miles and fly that many planes in combat in a short year and a half. 


Directory of Officers
LCDR Paul R. Norby  LCDR Richard W. Phillips
LCDR Willaim W. Bush LCDR Robert L. Gittings
*LCDR Sheldon E. Prentice LT William G. Mundy
LT Paul B. Brown LT Jarrett T. Lake Jr.
LT Kenneth F. Marks  LT Robert B. Ward
LT Richard H. Sewall *LT(jg)John G. Shirley Jr.
*LT(jg) Robert Johnson LT(jg) Donald L. Dunklee
LT(jg) Mitchell Flint LT(jg) Raymond Kuniansky
***LT(jg) Joseph D. Brown LT(jg) Franklin Everding
LT(jg) Warren F. Paris ***LT(jg) Harold R. Eyer
LT(jg) Dale "E.B." Unger LT(jg) John B. Naughton
LT(jg) George Curtin LT(jg) Edward M. Nason Jr
LT(jg) James E. Breinholt LT(jg) Charles C. Golden
LT(jg) Dale B. Gaffney LT(jg) Mac W. Henderson
**LT(jg) "T.E." Jenson LT(jg) Dudley E. Prince
LT(jg) Fred "M" Rotholz Jr *ENS John Abernathy
LT(jg) Kenneth Brown LT(jg) Daniel Connell
LT(jg) Corky Meyers LT(jg) Earl Morton
LT(jg) William E. Russell
* - Killed ** - Missing *** - Prisoner of War
The Crew
ARM2c Albert E. Albertelli ARM2c William R. Baker
ARM3c Robert W. Baskerville ARM2c Ollie J. Berger Jr.
PR1c Marcel P. Bouchard ARM1c Charles E. Bougan
ARM3c Charles W. Coleman AMM1c Ernest R. Daigle
ARM2c Thomas D. Daly ARM3c Robert B. Eschbach
ARM3c Nelson W. Flynn ARM3c John D. Forrest
ARM1c Samuel Gadjanski ARM2c Teddie W. Hays
ACOM Ernest O. Hazlett ARM3c Lewis L. Holmes
AMM2c Arthur O. Horn *ARM3c Arthur M. Jenkins
S1c Johnie "B" Lange AMM3c Raymond Lightbody
ARM3c Brian A. Lauzon ARM2c Joseph G. Lightner
***ARM2c Frederick C. Lockett ARM3c Hubert J. Mallia
*ARM2c Bernard P. McGovern *ARM3c Willaim McReynolds
*ARM3c George T. Melleney *ARM3c Stanley C. Morris
ACMM Calvin E. Neal ARM1c Eugene O'Brien
AMMP2c Merrill H. Ploof Y1c Foch J. Rahilly
AMMH1c William F. Ray AEM1c Allan K. Reese
ARM2c Frank S. Sabia **ARM2c Robert L. Sayre
AM1c Benjamin C. Staba ARM3c Leo P. Strong
*ARM1c Harold N. Taylor  ARM1c Charles M. Thompson
ARM2c Chester W. Warchol ARM3c Joe H. White
ARM3c Robert L. White ARM2c Walter H. Winkle
* - Killed ** - Missing *** - Prisoner of War

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