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Comission Place: NAS Barbers Point, Territory of Hawaii

Airborne Early Warning Squadron ONE AEWRON ONE (VW-1)

VW-1 was established 18 Jun 1952, at Naval Air Station Barbers Point, Territory of Hawaii, as the first land based Airborne Early Warning Squadron in the Pacific and as an out-growth of VC-11's Detachment at NAS Barbers Point. The squadron's first aircraft was the radar-configured B-17 Flying Fortress, redesignated PB-1W. In 1953, VW-1 received its first EC-121 Warning Star, the radar version of the civilian Lockheed Super Constellation. A permanent detachment of VW-1 was established in the Western Pacific providing SEVENTH Fleet with heavy airborne early warning coverage. This detachment operated out of bases in the Philippines, Okinawa and Japan, and participated in the Nationalist Chinese evacuation in 1953 and Taiwan Straits patrols in 1957.

In 1957, VW-1 moved its homeport from Hawaii to Naval Air Station Agana, Guam, Mariana Islands, where the Commanding Officer assumed the additional duties of Commander Fleet Air Detachment, Guam. Since VW-1 was a unit of the SEVENTH Fleet, the designation of Commander Task Group 70.3 was also assigned to the Commanding Officer (a duty later rotated to the COs of VW-1, VAP-61 & VQ-3). Guam had been chosen as the squadron's base of operations because of its strategic location in the Western Pacific for airborne early warning coverage for the SEVENTH Fleet.

In July 1961, the squadron was additionally tasked with the responsibility for weather reconnaissance from the International Dateline, west to the Malaysian Peninsula and from the equator north. The squadron received six meteorologists and 18 aerographers; meteorological equipment was installed on the aircraft; and during 1961 the squadron flew over 1,000 hours making 85 geographic locations or "fixes" on tropical storms and typhoons. These accomplishments brought about VW-1 becoming known as the "Typhoon Trackers."

During the 1960's, VW-1 transitioned to the latest versions of Lockheed's Warning Star, a radar-configured version of the civilian Super Constellation. Powered by four of the largest piston engines used on naval aircraft, the Warning Star could remain aloft for up to 20 hours and had a range of well over 1,500 miles. It carried six tons of sensitive electronic detection equipment, including two different radars, electronic counter-measures equipment, radio and relay equipment and numerous weather-data collection instruments. The Warning Star was both an airborne meteorological station and an effective radar platform with a well-equipped combat information center.

Following the Gulf of Tonkin incident in August of 1964, Commander SEVENTH Fleet imposed additional requirements upon AEWRON ONE for daily nighttime early warning coverage in support of combat operations in Southeast Asia. Once again a permanent detachment was maintained in the Western Pacific to discharge these requirements, this time at Chu Lai, RVN, later moving to Da Nang, RVN.

Early 1965 brought additional responsibilities to AEWRON ONE. It was at this time that the training and maintenance facilities associated with the former Pacific Barrier Squadrons at NAS Barbers Point were disestablished. VW-1 thus fell heir to the responsibilities for the maintenance training of ground personnel and the flight training of pilots and aircrewmen for Western Pacific users of the C-121. In order to fulfill these myriad requirements, additional crews were formed, flying more than 10,000 hours in 1965. It was also in 1965 that the squadron established a record of 239 straight storm "fixes" without a "bust".

In 1966, the squadron celebrated the accumulation of 100,000 accident-free flying hours. In recognition of these accomplishments, the squadron has consistently received the Commander Naval Air Forces United States Pacific Fleet Quarterly Aviation Safety Award. In September of 1967, the squadron compiled a record of 1,128 flying hours. Also in 1967, the squadron made 356 "fixes" on tropical storms and typhoons. As a result of these and other outstanding accomplishments, the Secretary of the Navy awarded the squadron the Meritorious Unit Commendation.

Between 1968 and 1970, additional taskings arrived, involving the establishment of a detachment in California for weather reconnaissance operations along the western coast of the Americas; support of operations for the Apollo space missions and NASA support in the Pacific; and special operations and data gathering for various agencies associated with oceanographic research. In 1970, VW-1 swelled to a peak in both personnel and aircraft: 125 officer, 850 enlisted personnel, nine flight crews and 10 aircraft: one C-121J, seven WC-121Ns and two EC-121Ks. During this time period, VW-1 came under the operational control of Task Force 72. Fleet Air Detachment, Guam, becoming Task Group 72.1 and VW-1 becoming Task Unit 72.5.1.

As a leader in airborne early warning since its inception, VW-1 received much praise. Letters of "Well Done" were typically received from Fleet Weather Central/Joint Typhoon Warning Center, Guam; Commander SEVENTH Fleet; Commander-In-Chief Pacific Fleet; the Commanding General 313th Air Division (PACAF); and the Chief of Naval Operations.

VW-1 was disestablished 1 Jul 1971; the men and aircraft were absorbed into VQ-1 which was being relocated to NAS Agana, Guam, from NAS Atsugi, Japan.

VW-1 Officers Association was formed in 1990 when a dozen former officers from VW-1 met in Las Vegas. Amassing the names and addresses was aided dramatically by USAA. The roster has grown over the years now to include more than 280 former squadron mates. Reunions are held every other year.
Contact information: VW-1 Officers Association, C/O Bob Fuller, Box 160, Seabrook, TX 77586 Tel. 713-521-0105. Website. www.geocities.com/vw-1/
E-mail. fullerg@ev1.net Dues are $20.00 Bi Annually, which helps cover the cost of producing the roster and various mailings.

"VW-1 All Hands Alumni Association" was formed in 1998. Contact information: Ed & Sally Metzger, 710 Edgewater Dr., Inverness, Fl. 34453, 352-726-4943, e-mail: saled@tampabay.rr.com, our web site is, http://vw1assoc.tripod.com/index.html.

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Commanding Officers
 Anderson    F.PCDR1952-53
 Dannettell  R.CDR1963-64
 Godshall    W.H.CDR1964-65
 Barton      C.A.CAPT1965-66
 Gibbs  J.D.CDR1966-67
 Roth        F.H.CDR1967-68
 Runyon      R.E.CDR1968-69
 Bull        N.S.CAPT1970-71

Officer's Roster
 Adams   Jesse  
 Adams   Alfred  
 Apap    AntonioCDR1964-65
 Armstrong  RobertLCDR1964
 Arnolds FrancisLt1966-68
 Avery   Donald  
 Baker   Frank  
 Bakke   JerryLTJG1964
 Barnes  PaulCAPT 
 Bartz   HarryLCDR1964-67
 Bass    Sam  
 Beach   Earl  
 Bell    Robert  
 Bendetsen Brooks  
 Bennett George  
 Biley   Jack  
 Bitonti DavidLTJG1962-64
 Bley    Jack  
 Bleynat Edward  
 Boike   Ron  
 Boyd    Larry  
 Brackin JimCDR1962
 Brigham CraigLTJG1964
 Brow    John  
 Brown   Kenneth  
 Brown   C.D.  
 Bruen   George  
 Bruner  Tom  
 Brunner DonLCDR1962-64
 Buck    James  
 Bucks   GeorgeCDR1966-67
 Bunch   Darden  
 Butler  FrankLCDR1964
 Byrd    Jackie  
 Carlson Ronald  
 Case    Ron  
 Casey   William  
 Chain   Billy  
 Chapman Edward  
 Chipman Donad  
 Clarke  RichardLTJG1967-69
 Cobb    DavidLCDR1967-69
 Cochran William  
 Coffey  Bill  
 Colvert Lundy  
 Cook    Cecil 1956-58
 Coman   Raymond  
 Cowman  Raymond  
 Creps   RolandCAPT1964-66
 Curran  TexLTJG1963-65
 Damon   Dave  
 Darwin  Raymond  
 Davis   William  
 Davis   Arthur  
 Davis   Corrinne  
 Dean    Rodney  
 Dietzel Peter  
 Dipalma Robert  
 Doherty Bernie  
 Dolan   James  
 Doliana Marvin  
 Dorf    Harold  
 Drake   Donald  
 Eason   James  
 Eaves   Allyn  
 Egan    John  
 Egan    BobCDR1959-61
 Elin    Rick  
 Eshom   RoyLTJG1964
 Failla  Charles  
 Fesmire Norm  
 Fitting ChrisLT1969-71
 Fleming Duncan 1958-60
 Fonda   Ray  
 Freeman Chris  
 Fritz   Thomas 1964
 Frokyer Swede  
 Fuller  BobLT1965-67
 Ganger  Dave  
 Gilmore Richard  
 Goodwin MaxLTJG1964
 Gookin  Bruce  
 Gould   Will  
 Granene Rod  
 Greene  Richard  
 Hammock  JohnLCDR1964
 Hammond   Reginald  
 Johnson     ChuckLT1968-70
 Klinger  GeraldLCDR1964-65
 Klipp  Eugene  
 Laney  DavidLTJG1956-58
 Love  John  
 Lucic  WilliamLCDR1962-64
 Lyle   RobertLTJG1964

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