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Comission Place: NAS Moffett Field, California


Patrol Squadron Ninety was one of 13 VP Naval Air Reserve Squadrons in the nation in the 1990s. The squadron was based just north of Chicago, Illinois, at NAS Glenview. Its primary mission was anti-submarine warfare (ASW). Aerial mining and anti-surface warfare (ASUW) were secondary roles. VP-90 was established in Nov 1970 and disestablished in Sept 1994. It utilized the SP-2H Neptune aircraft in the beginning. In 1974, the squadron transitioned to the P-3A Orion. In 1975, VP-90 became one of six squadrons under the administrative and operational control of Commander, Reserve Patrol Wing Pacific at NAS Moffett Field, California. VP-90 transitioned to the P-3B Tactical Navigation Modified (TACNAVMOD) configured aircraft in 1984 and stayed in those aircraft until it was disestablished.

The squadron's first patch was a raven but in 1974 switched over to the "Lions." In the later part of the 70s, the squadron's new logo was Lambert the Friendly Lion. The squadron kept the Lion as its logo on all the patches that followed until its disestablishment.

VP-90's annual active duty periods took its members to the Atlantic, Pacific and Indian Oceans. The "Lions" augmented fleet operations on both coasts of the United States. Detachments were positioned to Hawaii, Alaska, Guam, Canada, Spain, Portugal, the Azores, Iceland, England, Bermuda, the Caribbean, Venezuela, Chile, Columbia, Peru, Tahiti, Australia, Malaysia, Thailand, Diego Garcia, BIOT, Okinawa, Korea, the Philippines and Japan. In 1993, VP-90 provided contributory fleet support during six separate detachments to Puerto Rico, Alaska and twice to Okinawa and California. During the devastating floods of 1993 in Iowa and Illinois, the "Lions" organized and transported more than 23,000 lbs. of essential supplies to cities in those states.

VP-90 maintained a record of 15 years with more than 55,000 hours of accident-free operations. In 1982, Patrol Squadron Ninety won both the coveted Noel Davis "E" award for combat readiness and the Liberty Bell competition for ASW effectiveness. A Meritorious Unit Commendation was earned in 1987 for successful tracking and intelligence gathering on multiple Soviet submarines during the active duty at Misawa, Japan. The Golden Anchor award was bestowed upon VP-90 in 1988, and again in 1992, for excellence in recruiting and retention. For calendar year 1989, VP-90 again won the Noel Davis "E" award and the Liberty Bell trophy, becoming the first RESPATWINGPAC squadron ever to win the Liberty Bell competition twice. In 1993, Crew 11 (and the ordinance loading team) achieved a perfect weapons delivery score of six "bulls-eyes" during the annual Wing Mining Derby in California. The year culminated in the "Lions" selection as the CNO Safety award winner, the Noel Davis "E" award nominee for COMRESPATWINGPAC, first runner-up in the Donald Neal "Golden Wrench" award for maintenance excellence and second consecutive "Golden Anchor" award for excellence in recruiting and retention.

The 380 officers, chief petty officers and other remaining men and women of VP-90 were a combination of full-time active duty Navy personnel and drilling Reservists. The Reservists comprised 80% of squadron personnel and commuted to NAS Glenview from 14 states. These dedicated Navy professionals constituted a formidable team that augmented peacetime fleet operations under the "One Navy" concept, or assume full ASW combat operations in the event of mobilization.

The "Lions" have vividly demonstrated the successful implementation of the Total Force concept. Unfailing in their commitment to the Maritime Patrol mission, these professionals can be proud of the knowledge that their efforts contributed to the end of the Cold War, and to the freedoms we enjoy today.

After disestablishment, VP-90 members commissioned Don Feight to do a print of a VP-90 P-3B aircraft. It was based on an actual flight of Crew 3 during the Misawa, Japan det during April 1989. It shows LX-00 flying over a Soviet Charlie class submarine on the surface. The print is called "Sorry Charlie."

Commanding Officers of Patrol Squadron Ninety
CDR T.C. Masson 1 Nov 1970-1 Jan 1971 (The Beginning)

CDR R.W. Bohn 1 Jan 1971-9 Dec 1972

CDR J.R. Evans 9 Dec 1972-5 Jan 1975

CDR J.D. Lambden 5 Jan 1975-19 Jun 1976

CDR D.L. Orme 19 Jun 1976-9 Jun 1978

CDR K.T. Hall 9 Jun 1978-8 Dec 1979

CDR S.R. Huff 8 Dec 1979-5 Dec 1981

CAPT J.E. Langland 5 Dec 1981-11 Jun 1983

CAPT C.R. Karlsson 11 Jun 1983-23 Jun 1984

CDR D.J. Faulds 23 Jun 1984-14 Dec 1985

CDR J.P. Kelly 14 Dec 1985-13 Jun 1987

CDR M.T. Gilsdorf 13 Jun 1987-3 Dec 1988

CDR L.F. Rabe 3 Dec 1988-2 Jun 1990

CDR S.H. Kupresin 2 Jun 1990-7 Dec 1991

CDR R.A. Wiegand 7 Dec 1991-12 Dec 1992

CDR G.M. Black 12 Dec 1992-19 Mar 1994

CDR D.P. Hamblen 19 Mar 1994-30 Sep 1994 (The End)

Listed alphabetically on 1 November 2002 - the 32nd Anniversary since the Commissioning of VP-90.

CDR/AXC Paul G. Alberts IFT-Mustang & "Mayor of Olongapo"
AOC Mike Allen
Captain Bill Anderson, Intelligence
AMEC James (Ed) Arnold
AWC Robert C. Arndt
AMCS (AW/SW) Henry E. Artime
AD1 Thomas A. Barr (A.W.S)
AO1 Gary R. Bear, Plank Owner
Master Chief Denny Behr, Command Master Chief
AE2 Dan D. "Saint" Bernardy, Flight Engineer
Captain George Marty Black, Commanding Officer
ADC James Bradley
Chief Skinny Brown Flight Engineer, Plank Owner
AT1 Al Bryant
CWO-4 Carl Buckert, Plank Owner
ADR1 Robert J. Cassidy, Plane Captain
AW1 (TAR) Bob Childers
AW2 Michael F. Cieslik
LCDR Kevin Clancy
AO1 R.O. Clarke Crew 12, Plank Owner
CDR Edward (Ed) J. Cleary
ATCS (AW) Roseann Thibault Cook
ADCS Bernie Cottone
AO1 Russ Dempsey
LCDR Steven F. Diehl
ADCS Bob Dillon
AWCM Jack Doherty
AMSC Greg Douce
AW1 (TAR) D. R. Dyer Supervisor W/C 210, Plank Owner
AMSC J "Jaycee" Edfors, Plank Owner
Captain Dennis Faulds, Commanding Officer
AFCM Ramon S. Firnstahl, Command Master Chief, Plank Owner
CDR Patrick M. Graber
Captain Bill Grace
AOC Don Grobl CAC 11, Plank Owner
AMCS Joe Gross, Flight Engineer
Captain Tom Hamilton AIO
ADJ2 Donald W. Hastings, Sr.
AMHC Mel Henschel
CDR Ron Hilson, Mission Commander Crew 3
CDR Richard C. Hoskins, Jr.
AT2 James A. Humbeutel, Flight Communicator
CDR Barry E. Humphrey AIO, Plank Owner
AW1 "Young David" Johnson CAC 3 Fargo Airlift to the end
ISCS John D. Joseph Assistant AIO
LT (LDO) David "Zing Zing" Kausak (Former AE1)
CWO-4/ADCS Guenter Kleinmaier MMCO/Flight Engineer
AD2 Dean Knox
ABHCS Eugene "Geno" Koelker AKA Banana Chief
Captain Craig Kopstain
AWCS Bob Korman, Plank Owner
CDR William C. Korthals
ATC Marty "Pockets" Kotecki, Flight Communicator
AD1 Richard D. Kreider
AE1 Neil Krumenauer
AOCM Robert C. Ladousier, Command Master Chief
Captain Jerry Lambden, Commanding Officer
ATC Norman A. Larsen, Plank Owner
LCDR John F. Larson
AMSC Steven L. Latterner
Captain Andy Lawrence, Plank Owner
AT1 Gary H. Lawrence
AOCM Gerald E. Lawrence
Chief Ron Leis, Plank Owner
AZAN Stephen T. Lindell Jr.
CDR Vince Malinowski
CDR Paul Martin
LCDR Mike McCarten
Captain William S. McConnell
AECS (AW) W.T. (Butch) Michaelson
AMS1 Gilbert R. Michelotti
LCDR Thomas R. Miller, Plank Owner
AFCM Donald Mitchell, Flight Engineer
AMEC Kevin Moeller
AW1 Bill Molck
AD1 Albin M. Moore
ATC David "Muscle Head" Moyers IFT/FCO
AK1 Michael K. Mullinns
AWC (EWO) J.R. Nerat
AO2 Michael F. Nolan
AVCM Ken Nyland
LCDR Jim Ogren
ADCS Bill Oppegard
ATCS John M. O'Meara P3B, In-flight Technician
PR1 (AW) Michael W. Pabich, Youngest Plank Owner, 2nd last to leave sq.
LCDR (SC) Carolyn Pasternak (Former AK1)
AMCS Mike Pasternak, Flight Engineer
CDR Pete Perez Jr.
AW1 Gary S. Pope (LCDR Ret)
AT2 Lawrence (Larry) E. Pyrz, Plank Owner
CDR William D. Reline
AOC Scott Richter
CDR Donald Riebe
AO1 (AW) Bruce Rubenstein
LCDR Gerald Ryglowski NFO, Plank Owner
LCDR Dick Savage
Captain John W. Sears
Captain Dick Slovacek, Plank Owner
AWC Mike Smith, Plank Owner
CDR Steve Solkshinitz
CDR Fred Stabb
LCDR Gene "Sully" Sullivan
AT2 Rocky Thacker CAC 1 Communicator
ATCS Herb M. Thomas P-3A/B, Flight Communicator
Senior Chief James "Red" Thompson, Flight Engineer
AT1 Raymond F. Voigt FCO/IFT/WST, Plank Owner
AMS1 Daniel N. Westmoreland, Flight Engineer
AD1 Francis R. Whorrall
AMSC Gerald "Woody" W. Woodhead


AW3 James Barrett
AO1 Robert Clarke
CWO3 Robert Cook
YN2 Martin Constanza
AE1 Ralph Cragg
AO1 Dick Delaney
AD1 Norman Duke
AK1 John Edgar
AFCM Ramon Firnstahl Command Master Chief
ADC Al Funari
Captain Rich Gallagher
AW2 Robert Given
AOC Don Grobl
AO1 Skip Hanson
Captain Joe Harris
ATCS Ken Hobin
AT2 James Humbeutel
AO1 Gary Hume
LCDR James Jones
ADC Ray Kallstrom
ATC Donald "Red" Karels
ASK3 Robert Mejorada
AE1 Michael Mikrut
AW1 Bill Molck
AD2 Warren Mundt
PNC Roger Nickerson
LCDR Dennis Parks
AOl Leroy Pawlowski
LT Peterson
AD1 James Potts
ADCS Robert (Bob) Reed Flight Engineer
AFCM Jim Rohlfing Command Master Chief
CDR Dan Rohrbach
LCDR Gerold Ryglowski
AMS2 Rich Scaffidi
AMH3 Robert Shegog
AXCS James Smart
ADC Pat Stubbs
CPO James Sweet 
AK1 Bobby Taylor
AW2 Jim Terp
YN1 Steve Tinnish 
AMH1 Timothy Tomkins
AMS1 Charles Wallburg
AMS1 Dan Westmoreland
AD1 Frank Whorrall
Captain Eric Wylie

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