Squadron Flight Log Entry

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Comission Place: Camp Kearney, California

Valiant Navy Bombing Squadron 106

Bombing Squadron, VB-106, was commissioned on June 1, 1943 at the Naval Auxiliary Air Station, Camp Kearney, California. Commander John Tucker Hayward was ordered to the squadron as the Commanding Officer. Commander Hayward reported to Commander Fleet Air Wing FOURTEEN located at the Naval Air Station, North Island, San Diego, California for Operational Control.

During June and July the squadron, named the WOLVERATORS, received fifteen (15) new PY-1 Liberator aircraft. Crews were formed and conducted intensive training for combat in the Pacific area of operations. The exact location remained a secret at this time.

In accordance with Commander Fleet Air Wing Fourteen orders, on August 18, 1943 the fifteen squadron planes deployed across the Pacific Ocean to the Naval Air Station at Kaneohe Bay, Oahu, Hawaii. There were eighteen assigned flight crews in the squadron. Upon arrival Commander Hayward reported to Commander Fleet Air Wing TWO at Kaneohe Bay for Operational Control. At Kaneohe Bay, the squadron continued training and also conducted operational flights in search of Japanese forces to the north and west of Hawaii.

On September 30, 1943 six planes and nine crews departed for Midway Island for operations as Task Unit 14.8.3 in support of a Fleet Operation against WAKE Island (Commander Task Force Fourteen Operations Order 15-43). From time of arrival at Midway until October 5, 1943, the squadron conducted operational scouting missions in search of a Japanese Fleet believed to be in the area. On October 5, in conjunction with a Carrier Task Force, the six planes made the first raid on Japanese held Wake Island since its capture. The successful raid provided the initial taste of battle for
the anxious crews. The following four days the crews conducted search, reconnaissance and bombing missions as required. The planes and crews returned to Hawaii on October 9, 1943.

From October 7, 1943, until October 23, eleven planes and crews were on duty at Canton
Island to conduct fighter escort for Photographic Squadron THREE (VD-3) Photographic PB4Y-1 aircraft. On October 12 and 13 the missions were against Japanese held Makin Island by way of Baker Island. On October 18 and 19 the group conducted fighter escort and bombing missions against Tarawa Island by way of Funafuti Island.

On October 28, 1943, the squadron began the deployment from Hawaii for Carney Field,
Guadalcanal with stops at Christmas Island, Tutuila in Samoa and Espiritu Santos. Espiritu Santos was a large Naval Supply Depot. Here arrangements were reconfirmed to assure delivery of the PB4Y spare parts and other logistic items. With the Administrative matters completed, the squadron departed on the last leg of the transition to their new home base. The crews arrived at Carney Field, Guadalcanal from Novernber 2 and November 11 with fifteen aircraft. Commander Hayward reported to Commander Fleet Air Wing ONE.

The first combat missions were scheduled the following morning, November 11, 1943, (World War I Armistice Day) and each day thereafter. The squadron operated with Bombing Squadron 104 (VB- 104) as the NAVY SEARCH GROUP conducting regular and special search operations in accordance with ComAirSoPac Search Plans 1-43 and 2-43. The search zone, fifteen degree sectors, covered the ocean area north west up the slot to Kavieng, New Ireland then north and east, including Nauru Island. Enemy installations were bombed repeatedly on OCEAN Island, GREEN Island, NEW IRELAND, KIETA, and KAPINGAMARANGI. From arrival until February 5, 1944, VB-106 missions included the previously mentioned flights and also daily reconnaissance against NAURU Island, a heavily defended island to the northeast.

From February 5, 1944 until March 24, 1944, the squadron operated from Munda, New Georgia with VB-104. In addition to the regular patrol/anti shipping flights, the VB-106 crews acted as aerial spotters for Navy Destroyers and Cruisers shelling enemy installations at KAVIENG on February 17-25, RABAUL, DUKE of YORK, HAMELA MISSION area, BUKA and NAMATANAI on New Ireland. Other bombing and strafing missions were conducted against TARO Island, CHOISEUL Bay and MONORTU Mission on Bougainville. This new advanced base, Munda, provided greater range for the planes in their search and attack against Japanese shipping supplying Japanese bases on New Guinea, New Ireland and other strategic sites.

On March 25, 1944 Commander Hayward moved the squadron to Nadzab, New Guinea. At this new air strip he reported for Operational Control to ComAir7thFlt and ComGen5thAF. Eight hundred mile sectors were flown from Finchofen, New Guinea to the west, north and east. On April 11, 1944, the squadron moved to Momote Airfield, Los Negros Islands, Admiralties to operate eleven planes from this base. Four additional planes were deployed to Wadke Island under the temporary operational control of ComGen5thAF.

Flight operations for VB-106 were terminated on May 27, 1944 when VB-101 relieved the
squadron. During the period from May 27 to June 1 the squadron departed for Kaneohe Bay, Hawaii and further transfer to Camp Kearney, California. Thirty days leave was granted to all squadron members upon reaching the West Coast of the United States.

On July 14, 1944 the VB-106 WOLVERATORS reformed at the Naval Air Station, San Diego. Commander John Tucker Hayward was relieved by Commander William S. Sampson on July 15, 1944.

During the remainder of July, August and September, 1944, the squadron conducted ground and flight training in preparation for the deployment back to the combat area Based on recommendations from the PB4Y-1 operating forces and the need to have a mission oriented aircraft, the Navy developed the PB4Y-2, Privateer. This aircraft had extended range and the latest electronic equipment. It was twelve feet longer and had a single vertical stabilizer

Bombing Squadron 106, scheduled to receive the new PB4Y-2 Privateer, was redesignated Patrol Bombing Squadron 106 on October 1, 1944 at Camp Kearney, California.. Cdr. Sampson reported to Commander Fleet Air Wing FOURTEEN at North Island Naval Air Station, San Diego, California.

The squadron continued to conduct extensive training for the forthcoming deployment.

On November 23, 1944, part of the squadron departed by ship for Kaneohe Bay, Oahu, Hawaii. The remainder of the squadron, flying the new Privateer aircraft, departed for Kaneohe Bay on December 5, 1944.

VPB-106 conducted operational missions in Hawaii until February 10, 1945 when they departed for West Field, Naval Air Base Tinian via Johnston and Kwajalein Islands. The entire squadron rendezvoused at Tinian on February 16 to conduct long range reconnaissance and photographic missions over TRUK Island and strikes against the Borodino Islands. In addition the squadron conducted strikes against the Japanese mainland along the Honshu Coast and other selected Islands under the Operational Control of Commander Fleet Air Wing ONE

On February 13, 1945 three of the squadron officers participated as Naval Observers on a flight over Tokyo at minimum altitude in conjunction with the first flights to bomb Tokyo.

On April 8, 1945, some planes of the squadron were dispatched to Central Field, Iwo Jima to conduct searches in the southern Japanese Islands and the northern Bonins.

Between May 4 and 8, 1945, the entire squadron relocated to Palawan, P.I. conducting 850 to 1000 mile search and strike missions covering the West coast of the CELEBES, the MAKASSAR Straits, the East and the West coast of BORNEO, LINGA ARCHIPELAGO, the NATOENA Islands, the ANAMBAS Islands, SINGAPORE, the East Coast of the Malay Peninsula and the southern tip of INDO-CHINA.

In early July 1945 replacement crews started to arrive to relieve the squadron. The Plane Commanders of these crews were Lcdr. Harold Hickman arriving on July 8 and Lt. Walter Meierhoffer and Lt. St. John arriving on July 19. On July 24, 1945, Cdr. Sampson was detached as the Commanding Officer of VPB-106 to report to Commander Fleet Air Wing SEVENTEEN. He was relieved by Lcdr. Hickman as Acting Commanding Officer. On August 10, 1945, Lcdr Hickman was designated the Commanding Officer.

There were rumors that the war would be over soon but combat operations still took its deadly toll. During July and August 1945 replacement crews continued to arrived. The crews reporting for duty in VPB-106 were Lt. Moore on July 30, Ltjg. Newborn on August 5, Ltjg. Banfield on August 11, Lt. Bird and Lt. Cady on August 13, Lcdr. Rogers on August 16, Lcdr. Kaufman on August 24 and Lt. Said on August 29. As the new replacement crews arrived, veteran
squadron crews were relieved and returned to the States. It is interesting to note that several of the new crew members had initially served a combat tour of duty in England in one of the PB4Y-1 squadrons conducting missions in the European Theater of Operations.

On August 14, 1945, the rumors became a fact. PEACE was confirmed. The flights that had launched in the early morning light were recalled to the base. These search aircraft returned to rendezvous over the beach area and fly formation across the airfield before landing..

The operations of the squadron changed to a peacetime routine with the end of hostilities and the transfer of the original combat crews continued, More replacement crews reported; Lcdr. Blake on September 8, LtJG Myles and Lt. Huff on September 9 and LtJG. Lewis and Lt. Mallonee on November 18, 1945. It was a new type of operation for the flight crews after the hectic wartime missions.

In October 1945, Lcdr. Hickman was relieved as Commanding Officer by Cdr. Richard J. Teich. Mission review, downsizing and reorganization were underway for all Naval Air units. VPB- 106, relocated to Samar, P.I. on December 17, 1945, faced continuous organizational changes as personnel were being transferred to other units or discharged. Soon replacement pilots, who were in a PB4Y-2 training pipeline in the states when the war ended, were sent out as individual replacements without crews. It was a period of personnel assignment chaos.

For example, Lt. Al DeGennaro and his crew had completed the PB4Y-2 Operational Training at whiting Field in March 1946. The crew was disbanded and the individuals sent to PB4Y-2 squadrons as required. Lt. DeGennaro and three other qualified Patrol Plane Commanders were ordered to report to Commander Fleet Air Wing 10 at Sangley Point, Philippines for further assignment. He reported to VPB-106 on April 8, 1946. A short time later Lcdr. Couch and Lcdr. Whitacre reported. These were the last known replacement pilots to be assigned to the squadron.

The squadron was redesignated as Patrol Squadron 106 on May 15, 1946. Cdr. Teich continued to served as the Commanding Officer until June 1946 when he was relieved by the Executive Officer, Lcdr. Congrave C. Callaway at Samar, P.I. (Navy No. 3149).

VP-106 continued its patrol mission by flying regular daily training flights. With the advent of Typhoon season, the squadron was assigned an additional mission for Weather Reconnaissance. The planes would penetrate the storm at low altitude in order to pinpoint the eye of the typhoon. This provided for early warning to the surrounding islands and shipping.

As other Naval Air patrol squadrons were decommissioned, crew members were transferred to the units that were still intact. VPB/VP-106 received several of these personnel during May, June and July, 1946. At this time rumors spread that VP-106 was to be decommissioned also. Lt. Albert A. DeGennaro recalls the last few days before VP-106 was decommissioned.

On September 7, 1946, the remaining members of the squadron assembled for a final squadron picture. A dispatch had been received stating the squadron was to be decommissioned. It started out by saying "DISREGARD MY (date/time group Z)", a message that had not been received by the squadron. The new message delivered to the squadron outlined the disposition of the aircraft and personnel. They were to be transferred to other PB4Y-2 squadrons in the Western Pacific theater, Sangley Point, P.I., Okinawa, and Guam. There were only about 18 pilots remaining in the squadron at this time.

Through communications channels Lcdr. Cailaway was able to locate a copy of the "Disregard" message. It had directed the Commanding Officer of VP-106 to depart Samar with the entire squadron and report to ComFairWestCoast in San Diego. If he had received this message, the squadron personnel and planes would not have been scattered throughout the Philippine Islands. They would have returned to the United States as a unit.

Flying PB4Y-2 Bureau Number 59671, Lt DeGennaro departed Samar on September 9, 1946 for Guam with three (3) other aircraft. The Plane Commanders and crews were Lcdr. Whitacre, Lair. Couch and Lt JG Lewis. They were ordered to report to Commander Fleet Air Wing 18 upon arrival at Guam. The Patrol Plane Commanders (PPC) and the aircraft were reassigned by CFAW- 18. Lt. DeGennaro and Lt(JG) Lewis were assigned to VP-102, Lcdr. Couch was assigned to VP- 101 and Lcdr. Whitacre was assigned to the Fleet Air Wing 18 Staff. The Co-pilots and crews of these planes were sent to Sangley Point, P.I. for reassignment by Fleet Air Wing 10.

The other pilots and crews in the squadron departed that same day, or shortly thereafter, from Samar for Sangley Point, P.I. to report to Commander Fleet Air Wing 10 for further assignment(FFA). Lt. Bob Cummings delivered a plane to Sangley Point to Cdr. I. W. Brown, the Commanding Officer of VP-119. DeGennaro's assigned plane, Bureau Number 59626, was left at Samar because of the shortage of crews but was delivered to Sangley Point shortly thereafter.

On September 13, 1946, VP-106 had one plane and one crew remaining. The Commanding Officer, Lcdr. Congrave C. Callaway and crew departed Samar, P.I. that date for San Diego. They arrived on September 30, 1946 and reported to Commander Fleet Air West Coast with the squadron records for decommissioning. Copilots Bob Cummings and Bill Dunlap were in the crew at this time. The plane was PB4Y-2 Bureau Number 59763. On October 4, 1946 the entire crew received orders and were detached.

On October 5, 1946, this distinguished combat squadron was decommissioned. During the three years and four months of its life the squadron had seen two tours of combat and conducted extensive typhoon reconnaissance. The last five personnel, Howard R. Baldwin, AMM1; George W. Cruppenink, Y2; Earl Eugene Holloway, ACOM; Loren Wayne Keith and Irvin Wilby Peters, ACRM were ordered to report to the Fleet Air Reclassification Center for further assignment by Commander Fleet Air, West Coast. The October 15, 1946 Muster Report reads "Number remaining on board at the end of this period--O".

For further information read both VB and VPB-106 Squadron War Diary, Report of Activities and other info in the Museum library.

Abbot, Thomas George AOM
Abernathy, Francis H. CPHM
Adams, Harold F. Gunner
Adams, James W AMM
Adkins, Paul V. AMM
Adkison, Daniel B AOM
Agee, William Nathan ARM
Alderman, James 0. ARM
Alianell, John Francis AMM
Allen, Lewis Crawford ARM
Allen, Norman Claude AMM
Allen, Phillip Wayne AMM
Alameda, J. S. Ens
Althans, Aubrey L Ens
Anderson, Everett B AOM
Anderson, Rudolph Sigfried AMM
Antell, Russell A ACMM
Armstrong, Clyde M ACMM
Arndt, Gordon E. ARM
Arrowsmith, Gerald A AMM
Asbury, Frank A ARM
Ashcraft, Darrel J ARM
Ashley, Edward Wilmarth Lt(jg)
Ashley, Muriel Alphie AOM
Ashley, Thomas S AMM
Atchley, Frank W Lt(jg)
Atkinson, Othello AMM
Audette, Frederick J ACOM

Babb, Walter J ARM
Babineau, Leo J. E AMM
Badgley, Robert Oren ARM
Bailes, Milton Leon ACOM
Baker, Charles Cecil AOM
Baker, Raymond AMM
Baker, Sherman Fred ARM
Baldwin, Howard R AMM
Bales, Raymond C Lcdr
Ball, Mont William ARM
Banfield, Lt(jg)
Barger, M. Jerry Lt(jg)
Barlow, Jerry Moulton Lt
Barnes, James Ens
Barnes, William E AMM
Barnett, Robert E AMM
Barry, William F Ens
Bartlett, LeRoy C AOM
Bartos, Charles AMM
Baflula, Francis A ARM
Basden, Charles ARM
Bass, Karl Edwin AMM
Bass, Lou T. Ens
Bauer, Elmer J AOM
Bauer, John Alden S1
Beamon, James R. S1
Beardiley, Harry N Ens
Beasley, Lenley Stone AMM
Beath, Sterling Schuyler ARM
Becker, Gene Tunney S1
Beckler, Eugene Raymond Ens
Behunin, David G S1
Beining, Donald AOM
Belisle, Ruben Edgar S1
Bell, John Cunis AETM
Bell, Wendell Ens
Beltran, Manuel AOM
Benes, William George Ens
Benton, Ralph Edgar AMM
Berg, Ens
Berling, Edward Rudolph AMM
Bernett, Thomas Ben AMM
Berry, Dirl Lennis AOM
Berry, George W AOM
Befluccio, Salvatore S AMM
Beswick, Alfred Gray ARM
Bethea, James AMM
Bezanson, Charles B AMM
Bickell, Harvey Lee AEC
Biczak, MUan Alex S1
Birch, Thomas L Lt
Bird, T. C. Lt
Birks, Keith C Ens
Bishop, Thomas Henry ARM
Blame, Ben Franklin AOM
Blake, Frank B AMM
Blake, Roben D Lcdr
Blakesley, Gordon F. ARM
Blandin, Franklin E AOM
Blanton, Roy H AFC
Blase, Ens
Boatman, Roy M AOM
Bodkcr, Isidore Harold AMM
Bogacz, Casimer John AMM
Bogdonov, Morris AM
Boling, James Anal AMM
Bolton, Edward Lloyd Lt(jg)
Boose, Thomas AMM
Borrello, Clarence Alfred ACRM
Boule, Earl A Ens
Boyd, George H ARM
Boyd, Ian AMM
Boyle, Francis J AMM
Brabrand, John Erhard AOM
Bradley, Watson Isham S1
Bragg, Robert J AM
Brame, Walter Wilber Ens.
Brassfleld, William C AOM
Briggs, Lynus Nelson AMM
Broderson, Donald H Ens.
Brodine, Robert Vernon ART
Brokenshire, Harold AMM
Brooks, Edward W AOM
Brown, Bertram ARM
Brown, Joseph Edward AMM
Brown, Leo E AMM
Brown, Robert 0. Ens.
Brown, Thomas Cannie ACMM
Brown, Wayne Robert AOM
Bruce, Edgar I AMM
Brundige, George D Lt(jg).
Bryson, William E AMM
Buchanan, John Edward AP1
Budoff, John P ACMM
Buechler, John A ACMM
Burck, Gail J Lt.
Burrell, David H Ens.
Burton, Ralph Edgar AMM
Burton, Roy K Ens.
Buscher, George Eddy AOM
Buscher, Robert Dedrick S1
Bushek, William G PR
Butts, William Culver ARM

Cabot, Nathan R AMM
Cady, James Lt.
Calderon, Frank Paul S1
CaIdwell, Ben Franklin Lcdr.
CaIdwell, Rickard J AMM
Cail, Melvin E Lt(jg)
Callaway, Congrove C CdrI
Campbell, Ivan Orson ARM
Campbell, Jerome 0 AMM
Campbell, Paul Ray S1
Canady, Arthur Elmo AMM
Canavati, Nicholas Ens1
Cannon, Robert Charles AMM
Cantrell Ens.
Cantrell, Earl Stanley ARM
Cantrell, Lloyd T AOM
Capen, Harold E ARM
Captain, Ens.
Carden, A. Merritt AMM
Cadisle, James Wyette AMM
Carlson, Vernon H. Ens.
Canton, "C" "V". ARM
Carson, Marion Edwin AOM
Caner, Lee F. AMM
Cartwright, George Ed AMM
Caskey, Wendell H Lt(jg)
Castiglia, Robert Mathew Ens.
Catalano, Alfred Domino AMM
Cauchon, Robert AMM
Cave, Bill Ray S2
Cave, Walter J ARM
Chain, Bruce LaRue AOM
Chapman, Charles Edwin ARM
Cheeseman, Wilbur R ACOM
Childers, Ens
Chlubacek, Joseph Milton AMM
Chovan, John AOM
Christian, Thomas R AMM
Claffy, William W AMM
Clark, Walter C Lt(jg)
Claypool, Kenneth Junior AOM
Clemens, H. Donald Lt(jg)
Clifford, Francis R AMM
Clifton, Jessie L. ARM
Cole, Loran D Ens.
Cole, Mose Lloyd ACMM
Coleman, K. A Ens.
Collins, Richard M. AMM
Compton, Roy E AMM
Confer, William Donald ARM
Connen, John J Ens.
Conry, Edward F Ens.
Cooley, Clyde M AMM
Corthay, James Evans Lt(jg)
Couch, Howard Lcdr.
Coughlan, James G Lt.
Coulter, Clarence M AMM
Cor, S. Russell AOM
Cox, Will W AMM
Cranfill, Jack F Ens.
Crawford, Carlos Jonathon AOM
Crawford, Donald Gilbert AOM
Crocker, George C ARM
Crofton, Robert J. AMM
Cronin, Robert Duane AMM
Cross, Walter J ARM
Cruppenink, George W. Y
Cummings, Robert Ens.
Custer, John Alden AMM

Dana, Frederick Charles AOM
Dandy, Wilbur D AMM
Danos, Louis Porter AMM
Darner, Lee Arthur ARM
Davenport, Robert C AOM
Davis, Alvin Dwight ARM
Davis, Chades Henry AOM
Davis, Douglas C Lt.
Davis, Heman Taylor AMM
Davis, John Edward AMM
Davis, Paul ARM
Dayton, Clinton W AMM
Decker, Robert H Ens.
D'ennaro, Albert A Lt.
DeKelver, George A AM
DeMoss, Harry Alden AMM
Denzig, Marvin It. Ens.
Derrig, David F AOM
Devasier, Henry L AMM
Devonshire, Donald AMM
Dewyze, Robert Lee ARM
Dickey, Donald Dean AMM
Dietz, Carl A. Ens.
Dinnis, Charles Edward AMM
Dize, Melvin W Ens.
Doman, John J. ACMM
Dombrowski, Leon T AOM
Donahue, Neil Charles ARM
Doub, Ward D Ens.
Dougan, Mai R AOM
Douglass. Edgar Curtis ACMM
Dove, Leo B AMM
Doyle, Henry W. Ens.
Doyle, James P Lt.
Doyle, L Ltg)
Drew, Donald 0 ARM
Duett, Johnnie James S1
Duggins, Ray A AOM
Dunlap, BUly Foster Ens.
Duplessis, Joseph A Ens.
Dyer, William Jennings AFC

Easterling, Jerrold D ARM
Ebbe, Gordon K Lt.
Eckert, Charles, Jr AMM
Egan, William James AOM
Egger, Roland LeRoy ARM
Ehremburg, Ens.
Eisenhour4 D. C AMM
Eklund, Elmer LeRoy AMM
Ellinger, James P Ens.
Ells, Howard E. Lt(jg)
Episcopia, Vincent F ARM
Ermolovich, Nicholas AMM
Ettinger, Robert L Lt.
Evans, Harry Ens.
Everett, Donald Irvin AMM

Farabee, Ray Calvin AMM
Faulkner, Harold J ACMM
Fees, Everett F AOM
Felt, C. J. Ens.
Feithaus, Robert W AOM
Fenlason, Richard C S1
Fenner, Virgil Kenneth AMM
Ferrante, Louis AMM
Filson, Max W ART
Findley, Edward Waich AMM
Finlay, John Stewart ARM
Fisher, David H AOM
Fisher, James P. AFC
Fisher, Walter George ARM
Fitzpatrick, Terence Joseph AMM
Fletcher, Albert A ACOM
Fodor, F. P. ACMM
Foley, Daniel E AMM
FoIn, John Earl AMC
Foreman, Virgil Martin AM
Forkey, Charles Joseph AMM
Foster, Cal H AMM
Foster, Everett S ACRM
Foster, Hiram A AOM
Fox, Robert Ens.
Frank, Thorval S AMM
Franklin, Frank D AOM
Freeberg, B. E Lt(jg)
Freeman, William Lamar AMMH
Friedline, Kenyon Willie S1
Frison, Philip ACMM
Fritz, Charles W. Ens.
Funderburke, Patrick G ARM
Furey, Charles Joseph ARM

Gafford, Isaac B AMM
Gainer, Walter R AOM
Gaither, Paul D AMM
Gallagher, Edward F Warrant Off
Gallagher, Hugh Alfred AMM
Gallagher, John F Ens.
Gannon, Raymond Joseph AMM
Garland, Frank R Ens.
Geffert, Andrew George ARM
George, Arthur S AMM
Gessler, William Nelson AP1
Gibbons, Noman John AMM
Gibson, Ralph L AOM
Gidel, Fredrick A AMM
Giguere, Emile Wilfrid AMM
Gilchrist, James Robert AMM
Gillen, Robert J AMM
Gillespie, Robert G AMM
Gillies, Duncan G Ens.
Gilmore, Ens.
Gilmore, Grady AMM
Gisinger, Lorin A. AMM
Gist, Francis J. Ens.
Gladowski, Walter ARM
Gleason, Calvin E AMM
Goble, Robert McMillan AMM
Godbee, Walter K. ACMM
Goddin, "J"."B". AMM
Goins, Ralph E AMM
Goldthwait, Richard C Ens.
Goodloe, Green Clay Lcdr.
Goodwin, Kenneth A AMM
Goulding, Robert E AMM
Grace, Raymond, Hoyt AMM
Graham, Ens.
Graham, Robert Harold AMM
Graner, Robert E. Ens.
Grant William D ARM
Grasso, John J AMM
Gray, Raymond W S1
Greenwood, Gerald G. AMM
Grenyo, George ARM
Grether, Robert Carl Y
Grothe, Beauford J. AOM

Guillickson, Carrol Joseph AOM
Gunderson, Robert K Ens

Hacker, Arthur Edwin Ens.
Hackett, George Duane ARM
Hackett, Orin L AOM
Haddenham, Charles W AMM
Haddock, Ellis N AMM
Haehnel, Donald Harvey AOM
Haley, Everett Nelson ARM
Hall, Leo F. ACMM
Ham, Junior C AMM
Hamernik, Joseph Arthur AOM
Hammantrom, Edward J Ens.
Haney, E.T. CH Mach
Haney, Brooks Ford AMM
Hanmer, Donald B. ARM
Hanna, John It. Ens.
Hannah, James J. Lt.
Hansen,AI S1
Hanzak, Raymond John AOM
Hardy, Lewis It. Lt.
Harms, William Leslie AOM
Harner, Wilson W. AOM
Harrington, William E AM
Harris, Donald M AMM
Harrison, Richard D ARM
Harrison, Steven E AMM
Hartle, Robert J Ens.
Harvey, Horace I ARM
Haskell, Percy L ARM
Hastings, Robert P. Lt.
Hatfield, Harold Benton AOM
Hauk, Garnet Edward ACM
Haviland, Bernard Eugene ACMM
Hawes, Lawrence Leslie AMM
Hawkins, Darrold D ARM
Hawkins, James Edward ARM
Hawkins, Marvin A. LtJG
Hayek, Marvin Ens.
Hayes, Richard Patrick ARM
Haynes, Gilbert Myron AMM
Hayward, John Tucker CDR.
Hazlett, Richard L. ARM
Head, John Edwin AMM
Heatherly, Lt(jg)
Heisen, Roy Allen AOM
Heleen, Henry Edmund ARM
Helmig, William A Ens.
Henderson, "J". "L" AOM
Henderson, James M Lt(jg)
Hendricks, Jacque AMM
Henry, Richard Shaffer AMM
Hernandcz, Adolph ARM
Herrod, Amos Boyle APt
Hickcoi, Warren S Ens.
Hickman, Harold W. Lcdr.
Hickman, Wallace Leeburn S1
Hikel, William P AM
Hill, Leslie Moreland ACMM
Hipsley, Larry W ARM
Hirsch, Sidney Clifford SK
Hoblin, Walter B. Ens.
Hoehn, Donald C Ens.
Hoffman, Harold R ARM
Hofman, Robert Carl ARM
Hoke, George Lee ACRM
Holder, Kenneth Bryant AMM
Holloway, Earl Eugene ACOM
Holmes, Clifford N. AMM
Holmes, Kenneth 0 Lt(jg)
Holmes, Travis R AMM
Holt, Frank H Lcdr.
Holtkamp, William H AOM
Hood, Robert F AMM
Hopkins, Robert L ARM
Horan, Robert Ens.
Horton, Ens.
Hosafros, Wayne Orville AOM
Howard, George Martin AMM
Howard, "J" "A" ACOM
Howard, James M S2
Howe, Richard Harry AMM
Hoy, Robert Claude AMM
Huber, Joseph F Lt.
Huckaby, Arnold AOM
Huff, William H Lt.
Hull, Ropbert Franklin PR
Humc, Lloyd Eugene AMM
Hutchins, John L AOM
Hutchison, Alvin E AM
Hutchison, Joseph B AMM

Ingham, Walter N AMM
Ingram, Arthur C AMM
Ingram, John T Ens.

Jack, John H AMM
Jackson, Nathan R Lt.
Jackson, Marshall Hood AOM
Jacobs, William Joseph Si
Jaworsid, Walter Michael AMM
Jefferson, Stephen H AMM
Jefson, Douglas L S1
Jennings, James Albert Lee AMM
Jensen, Carl Roy Ens.
Jensen, Clifford V Lt(jjg)
Jensen, Dennis C ARM
Jerman, Donald Edward AOM
Jeter, Joe G AOM
Johnson, Glen S Y
Johnson, James Harvey AMM
Johnson, John George AFC
Johnson, Norris A Lt.
Johnson, Ray C AOM
Johnston, William Marshall ARM
Johnston, William W ARM
Jones, Jack Edward ARM
Jones, James Wylie S1
Jones, John K AMM
Jones, Neil AOM
Jones, Robert Earl ART
Jones, Thomas H Lt.
Jones, Wendell Paul S1
Joy, Bernard F Lt.
Jurew, William J ARM

Kalton, Andrew J ARM
Kaough, Charles Herbert ACRM
Kaufman, W. R. Lcdr.
Kay, Neil J AMM
Keck, Basil R AOM
Keith, Loren Wayne ARM
Keller, Robert C LtJG
Kelly Ens.
Kelly, Arthur John AMM
Kelly, David M AOM
Kelly Durwood ARM
Kelly, Patrick S AOM
Kelly, Robert William AMM
Kennedy, Martin Seth ARM
Kennedy, Thomas R ARM
Kenney, Lloyd Eugene ARM
Keogh, William S ARM
Kidalowski, Richard Gerald AOM
Killen, Russell Alfred AMM
Kingery, Kenneth L. AOM
Kinsinger, Floyd Elton AOM
Kish, George Ens.
Kish, Warren N ARM
Kitch, Leroy B ART
Kitchen, Ernest L AOM
Kneeland, LtJG
Knott, Charles D S2
Knust, Burton H. LtJG
Koch, John David ARM
Kocks, James I ARM
Kocses, George Jackson ARM
Kolenda, Benjamin J AMM
Koltuniak, Michael A AMM
Kosmicki, Martin M AMM
Krafft, Frederick Theo S1
Knidel, John C ARM
Kreiser, James Elwood S1
Kriloff, George Alex AMM
Kristainsen, AIf Bjarne ARM
Krueger, Almon E AMM
Kuntz, Burton Milan AMM
Kuthroff, Alexander AMM
Kwait, Edwin Joseph AMM

LaFon, Ens.
Latong, John Lewis AMM
LaMaster, William J S1
Langston, Robert L ARM
LaRose, Harold A AOM
LaVallee, Lawrence E AMM
LaGasse, Arthur ACOM
Lally, Edward Francis S1
Langston, Robert L ARM
Lanzarin, Norbert H AMM
Larmondra, Joseph IL ARM
Lassey, Lewis William A6M
Laud, Carl E AMM
Lawrence, Donald E AOM
Lawrence, Henry E AOM
Lawson, Wayne F AMM
Lawton, William W AMM
Leahy, Donald F AMM
Lee, Wilber F AOM
Leik, Frank H Lt
Leitner, Lorayne Lt.
Lemoine, Steven A AMM
Lemon, Gerald G AMM
Leon, Frederick M AMM
Leonard, Edward F Lt.
Levitcher, Joseph F ARM
Levy, Kenneth D Ens.
Lewis, Leslie E Lt(jg)
Lewis, Wesley E AM
Lexow, William Ernst AMM
Licht, Otto F Lt.
Light, Billy Payten AOM
Lindberg, George P AOM
Lindsell, Andrew L Ens.
Linker, Duan W Ens.
Lipin, George W AMM
Little, Namon K ARM
Livingston, Jack Edward AMM
Lockard, Carl Waldo AOM
Loewer, Leroy Lt.
Long, James Leonard ARM
Long, Terrence Thomas AM
Longcrier, James W Ens.
Lono, Romolo S1
Loretz, William H AOM
Loveless, Garland C AMM
Loverud, Marlin D Ens.
Lowman, Robert D Ens.
Lucier, Annand Francis AMM
Lund, Ted W. Ens.
Lybeck, Robert Gilman AOM

Mabry, Cleveland Frank AMM
MacDonald, Harold Edward AFC
Mackey, John W Ens.
MacKillican, George Donald AMM
Madden, Bernard E ARM
Maddox, Charles Mansfield AMM
Magliari, Richard A AMM
Mahoney, John Francis AMM
Mallonee, Floyd W Lt(jg)
Malone, John J S1
Maloney, Jack W Y
Mancur, Ens.
Mandaville, Gerald J AOM
Mankus, Bruno C AMM
Manning, William Leo AOM
Manus, Charley Tims AMM
Mans, Henry Steven AMM
Marett, Ailman R AMM
Markham, Tom Smith AMM
Manh, John F AMM
Martin, Aloysius N ACMM
Martin, Jess S2
Martin, Julius Perry AP
Maslowsky, Michael S
Mason, Roy Ens
Massey, Jack W AMM
Mastin, Stephen H ARM
Matheny, John Rex CAP
Matthews, Basil S ACOM
Matthews, W. C. Ens
Maturo, Raymond Anthony S1
Maxwell, Paul ARM
McCabe, Raymond B AMM
McCarthy, John A ARM
McCloskey, Walter S1
McCoy, Thomas Edward ARM
McConihie, Malcomb S Lt
McCrimmon, John Cole AMM
McCullough, Arlie M Ens
McDarrell, W. P AOM
McDonald, Billy William ACM
McDonnell, Francis P AOM
McFadden, George Edwin AMM
McGowan, John E ARM
McGregor, Roy Alvin AM
McGregor, Roy R ARM
McGregor, William Junior AMM
McGuirk, Ralph L AOM
McIntyre, Patrick Joseph ARM
McKay, Ead Porter SI
McKay, William Henry ARM
McKinley, William ACMM
McKoin, Leslie H Lt(jg)
McLaughlin, Francis O AMM
McMannus, Joseph ARM
McNeal, Robert L ARM
McNutt Ens
Mcvay, M.D. Ens
Mead, Clifford Leroy AMM
Means, Benjamin Holladay AOM
Meares, Chester B AOM
Mean, Howard F Lcdr
Medon, John L ARM
Mee, Maurice Edward J Ens
Mejerhoffer, Walter Lt
Meister, RH. ART
Menchaga, Antonio Jose S1
Menendez. Raymond R AOM
Menkhini, G. K. Ens
Meyer, Bernhard In ARM
Meyer, John George AMM
Mhoon, Frederkk M ACMM
Michel, Richard Edwin AM
Miller, Carl W AOM
Miller, Gerald Grissom ARM
Miller, John Robert AMM
Miller, Joseph A ARM
Miller, William B Ens
Mimi, Vernon AOM
Minner, Clifford R AMM
Mireles, Gonzolo S1
Misunas, Stanley Joseph AOM
Mitchell, E. Benjamin Lt
Mitchell, John Francis ARM
Mitchell, Vernon Eugene ARM
Moe, John F ACMM
Moeller, Carl J AOM
Molder, William Odell AOM
Moon, Ivan Austin S1
Moore, Charles A S2
Moore, George R ARM
Moore, Jack H Ens
Moore, John Lt
Moore, Rupert D AMM
Morgan, B Dwight AMM
Morgan, Doyle T AMM
Morgan, Thomas Adams AOM
Morris, Albert L ARM
Morris, Forrest Henry AMM
Morrison, Ed T Lt
Morrison, George Myrum ARM
Motta, John AEC
Moyer, A AMM
Moyer, Henry Richard AMM
Moyer, Russell A Ens
Mueller, Manfred H ARM
Mullen, John E ARM
Mullen, Robert D AMM
Mulrey, Peter AMM
Mulroy, John F AMM
Mulvaney, Johnie William AMM
Murdock. Marvin L AOM
Murock, Harold Arthur AOM
Mutchler, Earl Francis AMM
Myles, Alfred L LtJG

Nachtman, Laverne J AOM
Nascimbene, Leon C Ens
Neiland, LtJG
Neilson, Irving S1
Nelson, Grant AM
Nelson, Richard B AOM
Neubert, Richard Oscar AOM
Neville, Edwin Joseph ARM
Newbold, Glenn J ACRM
Newborn, Jacob A LtJG
Nicholson, Clyde H ARM
Nicholson, Leslie S1
Nill, Jack Ltjg
Nilson, Irving Lawrence AOM
Noble, Charles Wesley ARM
Norelius, Russell C Lt
Norvell, Charles E ARM
Nowiski, Frank Ens
Nun, William Eugene AOM
Nystrom, Earl WUliam AMM

O'Connor, William F AOM
O'Kane, Buearon R S1
O'Kon, Robert B AOM
O'Leary, John William AOM
Olinkiewicz, Walter AMM
O'Neil. William Arnold AOM
O'Neill, James Thomas ARM
Onidor!, H. J Ens
Orndorff, Donald Max AOM
Oronoz, Louis J AMM
Orr, Gordon Dickson AET
Ossi, Flono A ARM
Otis, Donald Irvin AMM
O'Toole, John Edgar AOM
Ott, Roy J Ens
Ones, Herbert Y
Owen, George Carrington AOM
Owen, Weldon Irvin ARM

Palumbo, Lawro R ARM
Paquette, Dennis Joseph AMM
Parchman, Ike ARM
Pardue, Frank Wilson S1
Park, Harold E ARM
Parker, Frank M ARM
Parmer, Wallace AOM
Parr, Robert William AOM
Parrish, William Ray AMM
Parrott, Robert Kelly AMM
Panons, Homer William ACMM
Passanisi, Emanuele J Ens
Patello, Samuel Lt
Panerson, James M ARM
Paulson Leon M Lt(jg)
Pawsey, William A AMM
Payne, Glenn Carter AMM
Payne, Robert B ARM
Pearce, John R AMM
Pearson, Alun SK
Pearson, Marvin DeVere AOM
Peretzian, Charles ARM
Perkowski, Lucien Lt(jg)
Pernat, J. 3. Ens.
Perrenot, Robert L AMM
Perrotta, Salvatore S
Peters, Irvin Wilby ACRM
Peterson, Robert J ARM
Preifer, Harold Ray ARM
Preiffer, W. Carl ARM
nieffer, John Robert AMM
Phillips, Connard Alva AM
Phillips, Joe Lewis AMM
Piero, John M ARM
Plaunt, J 3. Lt.
Polk, Thomas G AOM
Pollack, V. A. Ens.
Pope, James Roberson AOM
Porter, Jack E. Lt(jg)
Pouch, Peter P AOM
Powell, Ens.
Pratt, William E. Y
Price, Dale Robert AMM
Price, William James S1
Prindle, Miller Elmer AMM
Proehl, Robert E ARM
Pruitt, Charles E Lt(MC)
Pruitt, Ralph Emerson ARM
Pugmire, Guy A AMM
Putney, John H ARM
Pyle, LeRoy R ACM

Quinn, Paul Edward ARM

Rabon, Richard D Lt.
Raby, James Horace S1
Racine, Joseph W Ens.
Ragan, Malcomb S Lt.
Raiche, Wilfred J AOM
Ramsdell, Chad D Ens.
Reddon, Charles W S
Redmon, Clarence Jr Ens.
Reed, Alton Deforest AMM
Rego, Daniel E ARM
Rehm, Roger William AMM
Reiger, Arthur C AOM
Reiter, Joseph John ARM
Renaud, Stanford Warren AMM
Reuss, Frederick Everet ARM
Rew, Billy Edwards S1
Reynolds, Billy M AMM
Rheinnecker, Alfred Oliver Ens.
Rich, Robert Ens.
Richardson, Alan 3 Ens.
Richardson, Donald Cleason AOM
Riley, James C AMM
Ripplinger, John F Ens.
Ristig, Wayne Cummings AOM
Ritter, D.G. ARM
Ritter, Fred Allen ARM
Roach, Russell Robert AOM
Roadifer, Oriel A AMM
Robinson, George Otis S1
Rogers, Harris S Lcdr.
Roofner, Paul B CAP
Roy, Donald A AMM
Rozanskos, Vincent George AMM
Rude, Bernard F Lt.
Rupkey, Robert H Ens.
Rutledge, Clarence L AOM

Sabb, Walter Junior ARM
Said, Thomas A Lt.
Salyer, Ray Easton AOM
Sampson, William S Cdr.
Samuels, Jesse W AOM
Santonastaso, Louis AMM
Sargent, W. C. Ens.
Sausen, Robert Earl AOM
Saviko, Albert H Lt(jg)
Sawyer, H. W. Lcdr.
Sayko, Alex H Ens.
Schaadt, Francis Reed ARM
Schaffer, Robert Elwood AOM
Schedler, William H Ens.
Schenck, Carl J ARM
Schiek, Benjamin T Ens.
Schmale, Walter Rueben AMM
Schmidt, Max Newton ACMM
Schnieder, Henry G Ens.
Schroeder, Gilbert L Lt(jg)
Schroeder, John Fredrick AOM
Schroeder, Joseph W AMM
Schroer, David N Ens.
Schultz, James B Ens.
Schumacher, Joseph B AMM
Seaking, Samuel S1
Seaman. Allan L Lt.
Seay, Robert Locke ARM
See, Fred J AMM
Sein, James L ART
Senter, James D Lcdr.
Shearer, Richard Dail AMM
Sherman, James J ARM
Shoop, Lloyd T Ens.
Short, Earl E ARM
Shreffler, Roger ACRM
Siebert, Donald G AOM
Sigg, Robert A Ens.
Silver, William C Ens.
Simpson, A. Ens.
Skouge, Bernard F AOM
Slacker, Homer AOM
Slade, John A AOM
Slaughter, Jack ACMM
Slunski, John J ARM
Small, Lawrence George ARM
Smead, Harry Franklin AMM
Smith, Bruce D ARM
Smith, Lyle Berkeley S1
Smith, Milton F ACRM
Smith, Norman S Ens.
Smith, Roy AMM
Smith, Vernon J Ens.
Smith, Wesley AOM
Smith, Wilmer L AMM
Snead, William S Ens.
Snedeker, William R AMM
Soyn, Richard Gail AMM
Spanberger, George E AMM
Spencer, Carl L AMM
Speyer, Donald G ARM
Spicer, Sheldon AOM
Spien, Ralaigh AMM
Spinks, William C ARM
Spurr, Edward Isaac ARM
Staats, Kern "D" AMM
St. John, Thomas W Lt.
Stakemiller, Benjamin W Lt(jg)
Starry, John Vincent S1
Stein, George H ARM
Stephens, Weldon Zane ARM
Stephenson, John R AMM
Stevens, Jack R ARM
Stevenson, Robert E ACMM
Stewart, Harold Francis ARM
Stolle, L R Ens.
Stone, Harold Thomas S1
Stone, Herman George ARM
Stone, Laurence E ARM
Stone, Milton B AOM
Stone, W. B. AMM
Story, Argus Winfield AOM
Strand, Franklin Fjelseth ACMM
Strohte, Norman J Ens.
Stuard, William R AOM
Sturgell, Richard L AOM
Sullivan, Henry E AOM
Sullivan, Raymond P CAP
Summerday, Frank Ira AMM
Surface, Henry E Lt.
Surprenant, Benard Duch. AETM
Sutherlin, Lcdr.
Sweeten, William Harry AMM
Swiencicki, Joseph W Lt.
Swift, Carl H AMM
Swinton, Loudon James ARM

Talbert, Charles Isaac ARM
Tally, Olie Arthur Ens.
Taylor, Clarence S ARM
Taylor, E. Sidney Ens.
Tean, James E AMM
Teich, Richard Cdr.
Templin, Robert Clayton AOM
Teplitz, William Bernard ARM
Tenia, Theodore Filor AOM
Teiter, George A Ens.
Theroui, Marvin B AOM
Therrien, Roland P Ens.
Thompson, Charles B Lcdn
Thompson, Earl Stanley AMM
Thompson, James H S2
Thomson, William L Lt.
Thornton, William AMM
Thorp, Donavan Agustus ARM
Thrasher, Charles F ARM
Thrasher, Henry ARM
Tibbs, Joseph Jackson AMM
Tietze, Harry C ACOM
Tiner, William Ross ARM
Tobin Lt(jg)
Toole, William Daniel AOM
Trager, Lester William AMM
Trainor, James A ARM
Trader, Jack Eugene AMM
Trego, Ralph Franklin ARM
Tripp, Arnold Emerson AMM
Trudeau, Clayton Adler ARM
Trusso, Anthony Lt.
Tuck, Frederick I Lt.
Tucker, Richard M ACRM
Tucker, Roland D ARM
Turner, Donald Joseph AMM
Turner, Thomas F AMM
Tuttle, John Richard AMM

UbI, Joseph W AOM
Ulbrich, Eugene J Ens.
Vanderfon, Lt.

Van Hise, John Westley AMM
Vandergriff, William R ARM
Vassie, Harry B AMM
Vatoseow, Stavros Steve AMM
Violette, James D AOM
Vogelsang, Walter G LtJG
Vorbeck, Joseph H LtJG

Wagner, Elmer E ACM
Wagner, William J ARM
Wagner, Wilmer Eugene ACM
Walden, John Grady AMM
Waidron, Dee Wayne AMM
Walker, John J ARM
Walker, John Henry AMM
Walker, Robert A Ens.
Walsh, Edward A ARM
Wair, John Nichol S1
Ward, C. M. Ens.
Ward, Meredith Marion AOM
Ward, Robert R AOM
Warr, James A ARM
Warren, Archie Perry ACRM
Waterlield, Villard Secrest ACM
Watson, Maurice E S1
Waychus, Frank P Ens.
Webb, Richard S ARM
Weber, Adolph Ernest ARM
Weber, Charles Howard AOM
Weber, John D ARM
Welch, James Stanley AOM
Wells, Orion E ARM
Whiston, Winfield Charles AMM
Whitacre, Lohr L Lcdr.
Whitehead, William Herbert ARM
Wbitworth, Milton Alston AOM
Wilcoi, Donald E AMM
Williams, Donald O AMM
Williams, G. Bernard Ens.
Williams, Gene Franklin ARM
Williams, Herbert M ARM
Willis, John B ARM
Willis, John L CY
Wilson, Andrew J ARM
Wilson, James A ACMM
Wilson, Oral William AOM
Winn, fley Dwight ART
Wirted, Robert J ARM
Woleshin, Michael ACMM
Wood, R. H Ens.
Wood, Richard Wayne ARM
Woods, Thomas H AMM
Woodson, John Burdette S1
Wright. George Al ARM
Wylie, Lt(jg)
Wyrick, John J AMM

Yeoman, Donald Gilbert AOM
Young, Robert Paul AMM
Young, William John ARM
Young, Willis Edgar ACMM
Younger, H. Grant Ens.

Ziegler, James A AOM
Zito, Joseph Peter AMM
Zorn, William Richard AOM
Zurlinden, Richard Harris ARM
Zwan, Florentine Stephen AM


Based on code developed by Richards Consulting Group