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1929 - 1997

Edward Cawley entered Naval service after graduating from Colby College in 1952.  He was designated a Naval Aviator and assigned to Patrol Squadron 26 (VP-26) at NAS Brunswick, ME where he served in the Korean War.  His squadron's primary mission was to patrol the northern Atlantic using the surveillance techniques employed by the P-2V Neptune.  LTJG Cawley served until December of 1956, when he chose to return home to Lowell, MA, and take over the family business on behalf of his ailing father.

He lived and worked in Lowell until his passing on February 7th, 1997.  Ed is survived by his wife Patricia Cawley (Pat), his four children Patricia Foye (Patti), Edward Cawley (Ted), Susan Ryan, Pete Cawley and eight awesome grandchildren.  He was a wonderful father, a patriot and a hero to us all.

 A Soldier

He is that fallen lance that lies as hurled,
That lies unlifted now, come dew, come rust,
But still lies pointed as it plowed the dust.
If we who sight along it round the world,
See nothing worthy to have been its mark,
It is because like men we look too near,
Forgetting that as fitted to the sphere,
Our missiles always make too short an arc.
They fall, they rip the grass, they intersect
The curve of earth, and striking, break their own;
They make us cringe for metal-point on stone.
But this we know, the obstacle that checked
And tripped the body, shot the spirit on
Further than target ever showed or shone. 

Robert Frost


This dedication is made by Mr. and Mrs. Peter M. Cawley on behalf of the Cawley Family

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